CYMES take part in the Shopping Centre Sambil M40 with the construction of 3 sites

CYMES continue increasing its presence on the most shopping centres of Spain. As it was planned, we´re working in the new Shopping centre Sambil M40, Mondragón street, 28917 Leganés, Madrid.

The shopping centre has required an investment of 55 million euro and more tahn 4 years of works.

On the other hand, the center will have a large leisure space that will accommodate the largest tunnel of the wind of Spain.

According to the person in charge of the centre, these stores will create more than 1.000 direct employees and 1.500 indirect employees.


We´ve been the winner for the execution of the construction works for 3 of the most important restaurant chains: Foster´s Hollywood, KFC and Burger king.

The total size of the 3 sites is more than 870 sqm, terrazes included.

The 3 sites are located on the second floor, near the cinema. The best place to watch a movie and then have some food and drinks.

The oppening date is on the 24th of March.

Once we finish the works we´ll let you know.

It will be open very soon!



New Domino´s Pizza at Pinto

Another Domino´s Pizza is open, at the location of Pinto, in Pintor Antonio Lopez, 6.

This new store, isn´t another one. It´s the number 200 of the brand in Spain!

The store, is very big, has an occupancy for 65 people on one floor. The size of the site is 240 sqm and very easy to see from the street, thanks to the blue roof, according to the image of the company.

All the furniture, painting, lighting and decorating belongs to the new image of the company, so fresh and attractive. The chairs, vintage style and different colours such as red, blue, white, black or natural wood. Also there are stools and tall tables. The tables are different. Some large, some short, made by metal or wood.

To serve properly the orders to the clients, the kitchen has 2 powerful ovens.

The lenght of the work has been 8 weeks, and CYMES has been the general contractor.

We encourage you to taste the best pizzas ever at the new Domino´s Pizza store!




New Arroceria Balear at Pozuelo


A familiar and friendly business has run for over 20 years cooking the best paellas at Pozuelo, has trusted in CYMES Group to develop the new project.

This change of image offers freshness and a perfect environment with bright spaces, different building materials and furniture where you can enjoy the best rices and different dishes. 

With regards to the main hall, the sun light gives a broad visual with wider spaces and a better distribution, highlighting the walls of wood and new floor, and the ceiling with asymmetrical acoustic boards, mixing design and  functionality.

the counter has been built in stainless steel and pieces of wood, with hanging lamps, comfortable to have a drink while you are waiting while they set the table.  

Finally, there is a large terrace that allows the double of capacity of the restaurant. The terrace is indoor and with air conditioned and some chimneys of gas. A nice space with views to the fountains of the square.


Arrives the first Free Standing of KFC at Seville


KFC continues with its fast expansion on the national land.

The latest proyect is the first free standing of the brand at Seville, specifically in Shopping Centre Gines Plaza, Avda de la Industria. This shopping area celebrates its first anniversary as a big center of commerce and revitalizing the commercial activity of the area thanks to the fact that it is perfectly communicated and its easy access from A-49 highway.

The size of the new KFC restaurant is about 375 sqm, plus exterior surfaces, located on a plot of land of 1.000 sqm aproximately. The restaurant offers enough space for 118 people in the main hall, 60 in the terrace and 18 in the play area for the kids. Besides, the site has a drive trought delivery service. The car park is the same for the shopping centre.

Inside, the place is broad and bright, according to the new succesful image of KFC. It mix so good the colours,  Combina muy bien los colores, mainly the clear tone of the wood for the whole skirting board, in harmony with the floor, 60×60 cm porcelain tiled. The red corporate colour has been used for the tills, orders area and for the facade.

The furniture is a high table communal with red vintage metal stools. The rest of the tables are made of beech wood and the chairs, grey, brown, whites and black.

The walls seem like old bricks painted in white and written messages as decoration. The lamps, are metalic and painted in red, gold and black. The light provides a warm and comfortable environment.

The ceiling, painted in black and wood boards, match very well with the with of the bricks.

With regards to the kids park, is located inside the site, allowing the kids enjoy a leisure time while the parents enjoy the best fried chicken.

The works have been executed in 2 months, coinciding with the rainy season which have hindered the tasks and the development of the project, but even so the expectations and deadlines are been met. CYMES has made the whole works.

Let´s go for the next!






Five Guys has already opened the first restaurant in Spain!

As we informed you months ago, the american burger chain, belonging to the Murrel family,  with more than 1,500 restaurants over the world, has landed on Spain with its first site, in Madrid, Gran Via street, 44. It´s going to be the flag ship of the company in our country, with 800 sqm and 3 floors. For CYMES, it has been a real challenge and a success too.

As every single site of the brand, it has been decorated and build under the same standars of Five Guys. Under the image of an american diner simple and familar, hidden a hard constructive process, in terms of quality of the used materials, water proofing, isolation, function and equipment. All the kitchen acera is covered on stainless steel, and as all the restaurants of the brand, is visible to the public.

Their way of working the food makes them unique in their sector because they don´t have any freezer or microwave. All the food, meat and vegs are fresh and keep in the cold room. They cut the potatoes daily, one by one and fried in 100% peanut oil, which it has no colesterol and the fries are less greasy.

The site is equiped with music ambience of the latest generation, because the music is part of the Five Guys Show, always with high volume and known hits.

With regards to the furniture, they use the wood to manufacture the booths, communal table, and stools. The countertop is made by resin compact. The lighting is provided by hanging lamps red and white. The air conditioning ducts are painted in red. Finally, the decoration of the walls is based on publicity and celebrities recommending the quality of the Five Guys burgers.

Five Guys has bet CYMES for the construction of its flag ship in Spain because of the experience of the construction company on this kind of projects and the capability to speak a foreign language and coordination between Spain and UK.

We encourage you to try their famous burger and fries!


Entrada local

Foster´s Hollywood at Pozuelo de Alarcón has been remodeled

Foster´s Hollywood has remodeled its site at Pozuelo de Alarcón.

The brand is renovating its image of all sites, refreshing and providing a perfect atmosphere with wider spaces, more bright and new furniture, easy to enjoy the best burgers and dishes of he new menu. 

The main hall, wider, has one of the walls drawed with the new graffiti image.

There are still there the TV screens, broadcasting sports and pop music videos, providing a warm and familiar atmosphere.

The external air conditioning ducts, the combination of metal and wood, makes the restaurant like a film set. The sigange of different cinema movies are the main decoration. There are differents TV screens showing musical videos supplying the music from speakers around the site. Finally, the star brand image , holding on the ceiling with a soft blue light around it.

And the most important thing, the menu has been renovated, including its famous ribs with new recipes and different type of burgers and other specialities.

One of the most attractive zones is its terrace, oriented to Southeast, which recieves lot of sun light. It´s perfect for Spring, Summer and Autum seasons.

CYMES made the whole work of fit out and remodel of the site.

It´s an essential visit for the Casual Dining lovers!


Construcción clínicas dentales

New DENTIX at Plasencia

The huge dental practice company in Spain, which owns more than 500 dental practices over the national territory, has trusted in Grupo CYMES to carry on with its growth plan.

This brand new dental practice is located in the main square of Plasencia, Cáceres. It has about 280 sqm between 2 floors, where are distributed 4 medical cabinet, 2 doctor offices, loo, reception and X-Ray room. Also it has a lift to make it easier the access to the second storey.

The site is the corner of a building (which is an standard of the brand, always searching for corners in the best buildings of the locations), that provides brightness and light. The white and sterile image inside the dental practice creates a clean, clear and transparent image, making a modern and safe dental clinic for the clients.

The construction has been executed in 10 weeks, giving all the support to Dentix and providing always the best quality and speed to our work.

The construction has been made in a protected building according to the Town Hall Regulations, and we had to reinforce the structure trough two new slabs to guaranty the safety of the dental practice.


Entrada KFC torrejón

New KFC at Torrejon de Ardoz

In less than half a year, Grupo CYMES has executed the construction of 7 restaurants of the leader brand of fried chicken, giving them the necessary support to carry on with their expansion plan trough the Spanish territory.

 The last project has been an amazing free standing at Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid), located in Avenida de la Constitución, 110. The site has 400 sqm on a plot of land (park area, playing ground for kids and a terrace) of 5,000 sqm. 

The site has a wide terrace to enjoy and spend good time, a playing ground for the kids and also the drive trought delivery. Due to the size of the plot of land it´s easy to park inside.

In site you´ll find a shine and wide space, main hall, with tall tables and booths, where you can enjoy the moment. Everything is created to manage to have a good time in company and try the bes fried chicken of KFC.

The construction has done within three and a half months, record time because of its complexity and difficulties found during the execution, such as the extension of the park area, the heat of the summer and the foundations. Due to the fact that Grupo CYMES has the experience and know how, the project has been succesfully finished. 

 The opening was on 5th of September and it´s already running at 100% to serve all the KFC customers. We encourage to visit it! On the following month grupo CYMES will start another free standing KFC at Gines, Seville on a plot of land of 1,000 sqm.


Construcción del primer restaurante Five Guys en España

Five Guys lands on Spain by the hand of CYMES!

Five Guys lands on Spain, with its brand new restaurant in the middle of Madrid, Gran Via, 44.

The restaurant, with 3 floors, has the exclusive image and design of this american restaurant chain. The tender of the construction works has been long and difficult, but CYMES has won thanks to the constructive method, reducing the lenght of the works and a high qualified team.

The ground floor of the site will be the main hall of the restaurant, where the kitchen is located and it´s visible for the customers, due to the standars of the brand image of Five Guys. Furthermore, the site will have a new staircase with a vanguard design.

The project is a great challenge due to its complexity, dimensions and coordination with several british suppliers.

We´ll let you know about the progress.

The countdown starts to enjoy the genuine burger and fries of Five Guys at Madrid!



Cañas y Tapas´ New Image at Diagonal Mar, Barcelona

The most Spanish brand of grupo Zena, Cañas y Tapas, has completely remodelling its image, with a brand new site in Diagonal Mar shopping centre at Barcelona.

The new image nothing seems as the last one. White walls, white tiles of 20×10 cms, modern combination of wood and brick, pendant lamps and the characteristic bar with iron beams and a countertop of galvanize sheet. Behind the bar there are shelves and vertical beams.

There are paintings with messages and the initials CT decorate the walls.

The site has 200 sqm with a large terrace, which invites to spend long time in company. The wood floor and surrounding of plants and a white furniture makes the terrace one of the favourite places of the site.

The lenght of the works has been 3 weeks, and CYMES has been the company in charge of the execution.

Whether you live in Barcelona or visit the city, don´t forget to have a cold beer with a tapa of the new menu!