GRUPO CYMES Presents its new Office!

We´ve moved!

We started a new stage in CYMES with our brand new office. We continue in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), very close to our previous location. We are located in Vía de las Dos Castillas, 3. The place is strategic to communicate quickly with Madrid capital and take motorways M-30, M-40 and M-50. In addition, the light train has a stop right in front of the entrance to the offices, being able to reach Principe Pio in just twenty minutes.

For our clients, the possibility of parking immediately and without any cost makes the visits are much more operational, frequent and comfortable.

For our suppliers, the facilities are equipped with a unique entry for goods and delivery of materials, as well as a path for the transport vehicle.

With regard to the distribution designed, the idea that emerged from a first moment was to take full advantage of the natural light. Large windows were opened in both wings of the office, offering a clean and wide visual permeability with the exterior. Internally, the offices count with a reception, wide area of work for more than 20 persons, a nucleus with couches and integrated modern kitchen, meeting rooms, store and IT room, in addition to the main office and meeting room.

All done in the best technical and aesthetic materials on the market. Technical floor in wenge wood, installation of heating for vertical radiators of aluminum, system of central air conditioning with “divided machine” that offers a uniform and silent environmental thermal sensation. With regards to the soundproofing, it has been able to isolate acoustically each area and rooms of the office thanks to rock wool and wooden boards of zebrano.

One of the most notable elements is the lighting, installing different types of luminaires in strategic areas that offer a bright ambient without being directly and uncomfortable. Lines of LED lights, light points that affect on walls and materials and hotbeds adjustable in direction. All of this offers different light intensities depending of the stays of the office, in addition to providing a modern and avant-garde style.

In terms of IT facilities, we have a data network and wired, Internet category fibre and WIFI, digital telephony and audiovisual displays in the meeting rooms.

The diaphanous surface of the offices (more of 250m2 useful) and the large windows ensure a great amplitude visual, which looks even more favored thanks to the vertical extent of the 2.90 mts of floor to ceiling seen.

And as if it was a work of one more client, the duration was only of two months!

We looking forward to see you in our offices, we will be pleased of receiving you.







Countdown for the start of EXPOFRANQUICIAS 2016

The fair will take place in IFEMA from the 21st to 23th of April. Is an trade fair where will find new proposal and prospects under the franchise formula.

There will be more than 500 companies, where visitors will look for the best brand to invest their resources. Besides, the trade fair will recieve 16,000 visitors of different countries.

Franchise companies from Andorra, Austria, Belgium, United States, France, Italy, Malt and Portugal will participate.

The Sales Department of CYMES will be in EXPOFRANQUICIAS the 21st and 22nd sharing out the new corporate brochure with some potencial clients and attending several meetings with new franchises. We´ll clarify any doubts about our company and experience in the franchise business.

Any one who wants to contact with us or set an appointment there, please don´t hesitate and dial +34 692 809 816. We´ll pleased to help you.

We are over 20 years supporting different brands such as Burger King, Foster´s Hollywood, La Tagliatella, KFC, Delina´s, Rodilla, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Domino´s Pizza… and we are currently going trough the dental clinic and fashion retail business . We know how to do things well and we´ll be delighted to give any information or help whatever will required.



Constructora en Reino Unido

Grupo CYMES lands on UK from the hand of Centros Único

A nation cradle of the Industrial Revolution and owner of a vast empire, which distributed its culture and its commerce all over the world. Nowadays he keeps on being a country of the first line and member of the G-7. It´s a country that presents big opportunities to the Spanish companies of construction that they wish to go abroad.

This country has great relationships with the main spanish constructions companies such as ACS, Ferrovial or OHL, trought public and private tenders, being the result of great projects that these companies take part in order to bring their business abroad.

Currently these companies bill in Spain a fifth of what they did before the begining of the crisis.

Due to the economical and political situation and the trend of last years, to invest abroad is a good escenario for the spanish companies, and Centros Único has invested in UK for its expansion plan.

Spain is plenty of small and medium companies wich contribute the 65% of the Gross Domestic Product but lots of them find dificult to grow or financing. Grupo CYMES, with its solid career, continue with its international plan and growth in Europe looking for new projects and challenges. London, as the financial and business City it is, is a great chance for our company.

Foster´s Hollywood renew its Equinoccio´s restaurant at Majadahonda

The restaurant chain of american food Foster´s Hollywood remodels and enlarges its site in the leisure  centre Equinoccio at Majadahonda, Madrid.

It´s not only the adaption of the new image but also enlarge its size and replace the kitchen and work areas. The kitchen, it has been designed with the objective to make easier the work of the waiters and kitchen staff. Of course the kitchen has the original coal grill of Foster´s Hollywood. The kitchen has different entrances and two corridors that divide the kitchen works by the waiter/waitress.

With regard to the main hall, it highlight itsnew image of Foster´s Hollywood drawn by grafitti style, in its main wall.

There are reserved rooms with TV screens, for events or celebrations of customers with privacy and without making to much noise for the rest of the restaurant.

The external air conditioning ducts, the combination of metal and wood, makes the restaurant like a film set. The sigange of different cinema movies are the main decoration. There are differents TV screens showing musical videos supplying the music from speakers around the site. Finally, the star brand image , holding on the ceiling with a soft blue light around it.

And the most important thing, the menu has been renovated, including its famous ribs with new recipes and different type of burgers and other specialities

CYMES made the whole work of fit out and remodel of the site.

There is an essential visit for the Casual Dining lovers!


The new image of La Vaca Argentina

The restaurant chain belongin to Grupo Zena, has decided to simplify its name and renew the image of its establishment. It goes to call just La Vaca, with an smart and simple typography, trying to highlight the gastronomy tipe and its special dishes, the red meat.

Floors, walls, rooms,… everything has been renovated, replacing old materials for new, more sober and dark brown tones. With regard to the color of its walls, the grey white and neutral tones are predominant, with a light lemon yellow color in some hall.

Hanging lamps and low intensity luminaires are protagonists in all restaurants,  trying to offer a warm and friendly atmosphere to their customers.

CYMES has made the works for the restyle of 8 out of 10 sites that La Vaca has in Madrid.


New construction Burger King at Linares

Burger King opens a new restaurant in Linares

The hamburger chain Burger King has once again achieved  to set up a local with pleasant and warm atmosphere .

With its new image, the american brand tries that the customers enjoy a pleasant moment with their families.

It has 350 sqm and external facilities, playing king and a car park.

Once again Burger king bet to develop a free standing, for better access and more space.

CYMES has managed to finish this new project succesfully, on time and quality, setting up the project under the current standards of energy saving.

Construction of the new Foster´s Hollywood at Chiclana

Foster´s Hollywood arrives at Chiclana, Cádiz

The most known restaurant american food chain arrives at Chiclana.

Foster´s Hollywood has bet to introduce in other cities of Spain, and they´re doing so well. The free standing has 280 square meters with outside spaces. There are a great dining room with the new brand image and its new star on the ceiling.

The new image is cheeky and modern, with a large painting where you can read Hollywood. The external air ducts, the combination of wood and metal, makes the restaurant looks like a film set.

The kitchen and work areas are spacious, making the work of the employees easy and efficient.

The external is perfectly recognizable, combinating the vanilla color of the facade with the grey aluminium of the roof.

CYMES ran the full project reinforcing the relationship between Group Zena and the construction company.

New KFC Goya 68, Madrid

New KFC Goya 68, Madrid

KFC open its new site in the middle of Barrio de Salamanca.

The restaurant has two floors, and it has a design according to the place where is located and the new KFC style. Warm decoration, familiar, with signage and written messages on the walls, natural tones and paintings that favour a warm and vanguard environment. It combines different materials like wood, bricks, industrial elements and top quality furniture.

It highlights the section of staircase with hanging lamps that give a different touch with great style.

For the correct development of the project, it had been made structural reinforcement in the building because the structure was in bad condition.

CYMES has managed to give a new KFC establishment on time, and with the quality and conditions required.

We invite you to visit it!


Fit Out KFC Restaurant

New KFC Heron City Las Rozas, Madrid

The chain leader of fried chicken KFC has opened its new site in the Northwest of Madrid.

Its main room has different environments , with different furniture, tables and bar stools, couchs, and a warm decoration. About the materials, they combined wood, bricks, painting in light tones and ambiental lights.

KFC restaurants are pioneer in integrating domotic system for the control of its industrial kitchen, including the measurement of the freezers temperature. Absolutely everything what happends inside the kitchen and work areas are controled with regard to the temperature, hygiene, food safety and light. They manage to have an efficient site.

CYMES has been the main contractor of this eficient and innovate project.