CYMES take part in the Shopping Centre Sambil M40 with the construction of 3 sites

CYMES continue increasing its presence on the most shopping centres of Spain. As it was planned, we´re working in the new Shopping centre Sambil M40, Mondragón street, 28917 Leganés, Madrid.

The shopping centre has required an investment of 55 million euro and more tahn 4 years of works.

On the other hand, the center will have a large leisure space that will accommodate the largest tunnel of the wind of Spain.

According to the person in charge of the centre, these stores will create more than 1.000 direct employees and 1.500 indirect employees.


We´ve been the winner for the execution of the construction works for 3 of the most important restaurant chains: Foster´s Hollywood, KFC and Burger king.

The total size of the 3 sites is more than 870 sqm, terrazes included.

The 3 sites are located on the second floor, near the cinema. The best place to watch a movie and then have some food and drinks.

The oppening date is on the 24th of March.

Once we finish the works we´ll let you know.

It will be open very soon!



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