Constructora en Reino Unido

Grupo CYMES lands on UK from the hand of Centros Único

A nation cradle of the Industrial Revolution and owner of a vast empire, which distributed its culture and its commerce all over the world. Nowadays he keeps on being a country of the first line and member of the G-7. It´s a country that presents big opportunities to the Spanish companies of construction that they wish to go abroad.

This country has great relationships with the main spanish constructions companies such as ACS, Ferrovial or OHL, trought public and private tenders, being the result of great projects that these companies take part in order to bring their business abroad.

Currently these companies bill in Spain a fifth of what they did before the begining of the crisis.

Due to the economical and political situation and the trend of last years, to invest abroad is a good escenario for the spanish companies, and Centros Único has invested in UK for its expansion plan.

Spain is plenty of small and medium companies wich contribute the 65% of the Gross Domestic Product but lots of them find dificult to grow or financing. Grupo CYMES, with its solid career, continue with its international plan and growth in Europe looking for new projects and challenges. London, as the financial and business City it is, is a great chance for our company.