Five Guys has already opened the first restaurant in Spain!

As we informed you months ago, the american burger chain, belonging to the Murrel family,  with more than 1,500 restaurants over the world, has landed on Spain with its first site, in Madrid, Gran Via street, 44. It´s going to be the flag ship of the company in our country, with 800 sqm and 3 floors. For CYMES, it has been a real challenge and a success too.

As every single site of the brand, it has been decorated and build under the same standars of Five Guys. Under the image of an american diner simple and familar, hidden a hard constructive process, in terms of quality of the used materials, water proofing, isolation, function and equipment. All the kitchen acera is covered on stainless steel, and as all the restaurants of the brand, is visible to the public.

Their way of working the food makes them unique in their sector because they don´t have any freezer or microwave. All the food, meat and vegs are fresh and keep in the cold room. They cut the potatoes daily, one by one and fried in 100% peanut oil, which it has no colesterol and the fries are less greasy.

The site is equiped with music ambience of the latest generation, because the music is part of the Five Guys Show, always with high volume and known hits.

With regards to the furniture, they use the wood to manufacture the booths, communal table, and stools. The countertop is made by resin compact. The lighting is provided by hanging lamps red and white. The air conditioning ducts are painted in red. Finally, the decoration of the walls is based on publicity and celebrities recommending the quality of the Five Guys burgers.

Five Guys has bet CYMES for the construction of its flag ship in Spain because of the experience of the construction company on this kind of projects and the capability to speak a foreign language and coordination between Spain and UK.

We encourage you to try their famous burger and fries!