Construcción del primer restaurante Five Guys en España

Five Guys lands on Spain by the hand of CYMES!

Five Guys lands on Spain, with its brand new restaurant in the middle of Madrid, Gran Via, 44.

The restaurant, with 3 floors, has the exclusive image and design of this american restaurant chain. The tender of the construction works has been long and difficult, but CYMES has won thanks to the constructive method, reducing the lenght of the works and a high qualified team.

The ground floor of the site will be the main hall of the restaurant, where the kitchen is located and it´s visible for the customers, due to the standars of the brand image of Five Guys. Furthermore, the site will have a new staircase with a vanguard design.

The project is a great challenge due to its complexity, dimensions and coordination with several british suppliers.

We´ll let you know about the progress.

The countdown starts to enjoy the genuine burger and fries of Five Guys at Madrid!