Construction of the new Foster´s Hollywood at Chiclana

Foster´s Hollywood arrives at Chiclana, Cádiz

The most known restaurant american food chain arrives at Chiclana.

Foster´s Hollywood has bet to introduce in other cities of Spain, and they´re doing so well. The free standing has 280 square meters with outside spaces. There are a great dining room with the new brand image and its new star on the ceiling.

The new image is cheeky and modern, with a large painting where you can read Hollywood. The external air ducts, the combination of wood and metal, makes the restaurant looks like a film set.

The kitchen and work areas are spacious, making the work of the employees easy and efficient.

The external is perfectly recognizable, combinating the vanilla color of the facade with the grey aluminium of the roof.

CYMES ran the full project reinforcing the relationship between Group Zena and the construction company.