New Domino´s Pizza at Pinto

Another Domino´s Pizza is open, at the location of Pinto, in Pintor Antonio Lopez, 6.

This new store, isn´t another one. It´s the number 200 of the brand in Spain!

The store, is very big, has an occupancy for 65 people on one floor. The size of the site is 240 sqm and very easy to see from the street, thanks to the blue roof, according to the image of the company.

All the furniture, painting, lighting and decorating belongs to the new image of the company, so fresh and attractive. The chairs, vintage style and different colours such as red, blue, white, black or natural wood. Also there are stools and tall tables. The tables are different. Some large, some short, made by metal or wood.

To serve properly the orders to the clients, the kitchen has 2 powerful ovens.

The lenght of the work has been 8 weeks, and CYMES has been the general contractor.

We encourage you to taste the best pizzas ever at the new Domino´s Pizza store!




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