New Arroceria Balear at Pozuelo


A familiar and friendly business has run for over 20 years cooking the best paellas at Pozuelo, has trusted in CYMES Group to develop the new project.

This change of image offers freshness and a perfect environment with bright spaces, different building materials and furniture where you can enjoy the best rices and different dishes. 

With regards to the main hall, the sun light gives a broad visual with wider spaces and a better distribution, highlighting the walls of wood and new floor, and the ceiling with asymmetrical acoustic boards, mixing design and  functionality.

the counter has been built in stainless steel and pieces of wood, with hanging lamps, comfortable to have a drink while you are waiting while they set the table.  

Finally, there is a large terrace that allows the double of capacity of the restaurant. The terrace is indoor and with air conditioned and some chimneys of gas. A nice space with views to the fountains of the square.


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