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Foster´s Hollywood at Pozuelo de Alarcón has been remodeled

Foster´s Hollywood has remodeled its site at Pozuelo de Alarcón.

The brand is renovating its image of all sites, refreshing and providing a perfect atmosphere with wider spaces, more bright and new furniture, easy to enjoy the best burgers and dishes of he new menu. 

The main hall, wider, has one of the walls drawed with the new graffiti image.

There are still there the TV screens, broadcasting sports and pop music videos, providing a warm and familiar atmosphere.

The external air conditioning ducts, the combination of metal and wood, makes the restaurant like a film set. The sigange of different cinema movies are the main decoration. There are differents TV screens showing musical videos supplying the music from speakers around the site. Finally, the star brand image , holding on the ceiling with a soft blue light around it.

And the most important thing, the menu has been renovated, including its famous ribs with new recipes and different type of burgers and other specialities.

One of the most attractive zones is its terrace, oriented to Southeast, which recieves lot of sun light. It´s perfect for Spring, Summer and Autum seasons.

CYMES made the whole work of fit out and remodel of the site.

It´s an essential visit for the Casual Dining lovers!


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