Entrada KFC torrejón

New KFC at Torrejon de Ardoz

In less than half a year, Grupo CYMES has executed the construction of 7 restaurants of the leader brand of fried chicken, giving them the necessary support to carry on with their expansion plan trough the Spanish territory.

 The last project has been an amazing free standing at Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid), located in Avenida de la Constitución, 110. The site has 400 sqm on a plot of land (park area, playing ground for kids and a terrace) of 5,000 sqm. 

The site has a wide terrace to enjoy and spend good time, a playing ground for the kids and also the drive trought delivery. Due to the size of the plot of land it´s easy to park inside.

In site you´ll find a shine and wide space, main hall, with tall tables and booths, where you can enjoy the moment. Everything is created to manage to have a good time in company and try the bes fried chicken of KFC.

The construction has done within three and a half months, record time because of its complexity and difficulties found during the execution, such as the extension of the park area, the heat of the summer and the foundations. Due to the fact that Grupo CYMES has the experience and know how, the project has been succesfully finished. 

 The opening was on 5th of September and it´s already running at 100% to serve all the KFC customers. We encourage to visit it! On the following month grupo CYMES will start another free standing KFC at Gines, Seville on a plot of land of 1,000 sqm.


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