During the 2016 we established a relationship with the leading company in dental services in Spain.

With over 180 dental clinics in the country, Dentix is one of the Spanish companies with the highest growth.

All the dental practices have the same brand image, quality of materials and technology. The air conditioning is independent in each dental cabinet. The light and white colour project an sterile and clean image, which generates confident and quality to the patiens.

The highlighted materials are porcelain tiling for the floor, glass for the doors and partitions, smooth white on the walls and purple furniture according to the colour of the brand.

We´ve started our colaboration with the execution of a dental clinic located at Plasencia. It´s a clinic about 280 sqm of two floors where are 4 dental surgeries or cabinets, 2 offices for the dentists, toilets, reception and X-Ray room. It has a lift to make easy to go to the second storey.

The typology of the site is according to the property guidelines of the company, with a great visibility and light. Highlight the white and sterile image of the brand.

We hope to continue sharing the growth of Dentix together on 2017.

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