The story of this american restaurant don´t leave anybody indifferent. Coronel Sanders , founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (1930), was an entrepreneurship and creative at the kitchen. Besides, he had to overcome the difficulties that nearly broke up his business in 1955. Not only managed to go on but since that moment the business grew worldwide so far. Despite our Coronel died in 1980, his secret recipe continue the same.

CYMES has cooperated with KFC on its current expansion, and developing over 10 sites, most of them under the typology of free standing (new building on a plot of land).

The new KFC restaurants offer a new image, with a design and quality of materials according to the best restaurant sites. Wood furniture on natural tones, soft colours on floor and walls, matching very good the floor and the white brick of the walls.

The lights and lamps are very important due to the light that shine, generating a warm and familiar atmosphere. Hanging lamps light up corners and tables thanks to the light bulb of thick thread, as the old ones.

With regards to the furniture, it is formed by high tables of compact resin, tables of wood, chairs in different colours (orange, black, red, beech or white). As furniture accessory of the hall, are used showcases in pine wood with soft colors.

Finally, the new image is complete with different written messages on the walls, favoring the idea of a warm place, natural and pleasant atmosphere where to enjoy the meal with the best company.

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