New offices here at CYMES, in Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid), very close to our previous offices.  We are located on Via de las Dos Castillas, 3.  The location is strategic for quick communication to Madrid capital, taking the M-30, M-40 and M-50 motorways.  Moreover, the light railway has a stop just outside the entrance to our offices, making it possible to get here from Principe Pio in just 20 minutes.

For our clients, the possibility of parking nearby without problems or any additional costs makes visits much more operational, frequent and convenient.

For our providers, the facilities include an entrance exclusively for merchandise and the delivery of materials, as well as access for the vehicle of transport.

With respect to the design and distribution of space, the idea that most attracted us was to make the most of natural light.  Large windows were opened up on both sides of the office, offering crystal clear views of outside.  Inside the office there is a reception, broad working space for 20 people, a rest area with sofas and a fully fitted kitchen, meeting room, store room and IT server room, as well as a main office with another meeting room.

All of this was done with the best materials and styles on the market.  Wooden laminate flooring, installation of heating; vertical aluminium radiators, air conditioning system with a split-function machine that offers quiet and steady heating and cooling.  Regarding soundproofing, we have managed to soundproof every area and room in the office, thanks to stone wool, wooden panels, and other cutting-edge materials.

One of the elements that most stands out is the lighting, with different types of lights installed in different areas strategically, which offer light that isn’t too direct and doesn’t bother the staff.  All of this offers different strengths of light depending on the spaces of the office, as well as offering a modern and vanguard design.

Concerning IT facilities, we use a network of data & wiring with the best categories on the market, fibre-optic internet via WIFI, digital telephones and video screens in the meeting rooms.

The open plan office has more than 250m squared of usable space, and the large windows allow for plenty of light, largely thanks to the height of the ceiling – 2.90 metres.

Just as if it were another client, the duration of the project was only two months!

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